Tour Code:CN-ESN09
6 Days Jiuzhaigou Valley & Huanglong Tour
Duration:6 Day(s)
Price from:(per person)

CNY 3598

Departure/Pick-up from:


Main Destination :Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Valley Huanglong
Traffic between Cities:


Departure Date:You Decide !

Why we suggest this tour itinerary? 

In Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley), tourists can enjoy the exceptional natural beauty with spectacular jagged alpine mountains soaring above coniferous forest around a fairyland landscape of crystal clear, strange-coloured blue, green and purplish pools, lakes, waterfalls, limestone terraces, caves and other beautiful features. They include a number of karst formations, no wonder Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley) is a "natural museum" for alpine karst hydrology and research. Located at elevations ranging between 1,990m (6,529 feet) to 4,764m (15,630 feet) above sea level, covering 72,000 ha in the northern part of Sichuan Province on the edge of the Tibetan Himalayan Plateau, Jiuzhaigou preserves a series of important forest ecosystems including old-growth forests which provide important habitat for numerous threatened species of plants and animals, including the giant panda, takin and over 220 bird species. Attaining heights of 4,752 m in the southern Minshan Mountains, Jiuzhaigou also contains an important number of well-preserved quaternary glacial remnants with great scenic value. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, the park also joined the Man and Biosphere Conservation Network in 1997. 


So in this itinerary, we specially arrange you to get into and enjoy the Jiuzhaigou Valley for 2 Day! In this way, tourists can have the enough time to fully enjoy the fabulous scenery of the Jiuzhaigou Valley. 


Tourists will also visit Huanglong Valley which is made up of snow-capped peaks and the easternmost of all the Chinese glaciers. In addition to its mountain landscape, diverse forest ecosystems can be found, as well as spectacular limestone formations, waterfalls and hot springs. The area also has a population of endangered animals, including the giant panda and the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Jiuzhai Valley. 


More about Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park at her official website: 

More about Jiuzhaigou Valley at Wikipedia: 

More about Jiuzhaigou Valley at UNESCO World Heritage website:


More about Huanglong at Wikipedia:,_Sichuan 

More about Huanglong at its official website (in Mandarin version): 

More about Huanglong at UNESCO World Heritage website: 


Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary: 

In Chengdu: 

Kuan-Zhai Lane (or Wide and Narrow Alleys)  


From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Valley: 

Dujiangyan Panda Park (China Protection and Research Center for the Giant Panda, Dujiangyan City Base) or Liandaoba Prairie on the way to Jiuzhaigou (visit one of them), 


Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley) and Huanglong Valley


Experience in the Itinerary:
* Stroll in Kuan-Zhai Lane area to feel the old Chengdu atmosphere and see the well-preserved historic architectures in Sichuan style. 

* Meet the lovely pandas in China Protection and Research Center for the Giant Panda, Dujiangyan City Base. 

* Feast on the fairyland landscape of the crystal clear, strange-coloured blue, green and purplish pools, lakes, waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Valley.


Map of Jiuzhaigou Valley:


Map of Huanglong World Heritage Natural Site:

Map of Huanglong Valley:

Day 1
Chengdu Arrival
Dining:Not included in the quotation
Accommodation:In Chengdu

Your private driver and guide will be ready for you when you arrive at the airport or railway station in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. Get to your hotel in Chengdu city. After a little rest, to visit the well-preserved ancient Chengdu area, Kuan-Zhai Lane (or Wide and Narrow Alleys).


Day 2
Chengdu-Dujiangyan Panda Park or Liandaoba Prairie-Jiuzhaigou Valley by Car
Dining:Not included in the quotation
Accommodation:In Jiuzhaigou

Today you will depart for Jiuzhaigou by car (totally 490km/9 hours). During your way, you will feel the scenery outside window changing from prosperous metropolis to sparsely inhabited picturesque area and enjoy the unique buildings of Tibetan Minority and Qiang Minority and some sites of the big earthquake happened in 2008. On the way, tourists will visit Panda Paradise (China Protection and Research Center for the Giant Panda, Dujiangyan City Base) or Liandaoba Prairie for around 1 hour sightseeing. 


Overnight at the hotel outside Jiuzhaigou Valley (in order to protect the environment, no hotel inside Jiuzhaigou Valley.)  


Dujiangyan Panda Park (China Protection and Research Center for the Giant Panda, Dujiangyan City Base): 

Located around 68km/1.5 hours to the west of Chengdu by car, covering around 510,000 s.m., it is the only professional institution for the prevention and control of disease of Panda. Right adjacent to the natural habitat of Panda, the climate and natural environment here are very suitable for giant panda and can accommodate 40 pandas.


Liandaoba Prairie (means Sickle-shape Basin Prairie): 

Located in the largest wetland in China – Nuoergai Wetland, this Liandaoba Prairie (means Sickle-shape Basin Prairie) looks like a giant sickle if viewed from sky, hence the name. Here tourists are far away from the over-noising city and can free themselves in peace. The air and water here are purely clean and everywhere is green and would be colorful in summer because there are all kinds of flowers blossom on the green blanket.


Day 3
One Full Day Sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou Valley
Dining:Not included in the quotation
Accommodation:In Jiuzhaigou

The 3 main valleys of Jiuzhaigou Valley are in Y shape - Chawa Valley, the left branch of the Y (from the entrance to Long Sea at the end of Chawa Valley is 17.8km, From the entrance to Nuorilang area which is in the center of Y is 14.6km.), meanwhile the right branch is Rize Valley (From the Nuorilang to the end of Rize Valley is 9km.) and the main branch is Shuzheng Valley.). Tourist can take the local shuttle car or walk in it. 


Today tourists will walk into Chawa Valley to visit Long Sea, 5 Color Pool and some other places on the way to enjoy the exceptional natural beauty. Around 8km long and with the altitude of 3060m, Long Sea is located at the end of Chawa Valley and the highest, biggest and deepest lake in the Jiuzhaigou Valley.   


Lunch at the Nuorilang Service Center. It is the only one restaurant inside Jiuzhaigou Valley. We are afraid that the service and dish here are not very good. 


In the afternoon, you can visit Rize Valley. It is around 18km long and located between Nuorilang and the wild forest. This valley is the essence of the Jiuzhaigou Valley – there are many stunning attractions here: Mirror Sea, Pearl Beach Sea, Pearl Beach Waterfall, Panda Sea and so on. 



Day 4
Another One Full Day Sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou Valley
Dining:Not included in the quotation
Accommodation:In Jiuzhaigou

Today you will visit Shuzheng Valley, the main valley in the Jiuzhaigou Valley. Here you can enjoy many lakes and waterfalls, such as Shuzheng Sea Group (totally 13.8km long), Shuzheng Waterfall, Nuorilang Waterfall, Tiger Sea, Fire Flower Sea, Reed Sea and Bonsai Sea to feast on the fairyland landscape of the crystal clear, strange-coloured blue, green and purplish pools, lakes, waterfalls.



Day 5
Jiuzhaigou Valley – Huanglong – Chengdu
Dining:Not included in the quotation
Accommodation:In Chengdu

In the morning, drive to Huanglong for around 128km/3 hours. Visit the famous Huanglong Valley including Huanglong 5-Color Pool and Huanglong Temple. The sightseeing will take around 1.5 hours. After lunch, drive for around 350km/6.5 hours to arrive in Chengdu city.



Day 6
Leave Chengdu
Your private guide and driver will wait for you in your hotel lobby according to your flight or train time. They will accompany you to the airport or the railway station, and help you check-in for your next destination.
Note: Visiting time,transporting time and the duration of shows and meals in the above itinerary are for reference only and will be subject to change accoring to the real situation.

Price:  per person in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

1 P

2 P

3 P

4 P

5 P






6 P

7 P

8 P

9 P

10 P






Single Room Supplement: CNY 1295

* For 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 people travel together, there will be one person staying in one room. So the single room supplement will be added on the above quotation for one person if 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 people travel together.

Price includes:

1. Private van in the itinerary with parking fee and highway fee.

2. 4-star standard hotel in Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou with breakfast (2 people stay in one room)

* But for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 people travel together, there will be one person staying in one room. So the single room supplement will be added on the above quotation for one person if 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 people travel together.

3. Private local English speaking guide in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.
4. Entrance ticket to the attractions as listed in the itinerary.
5. Tour accident insurance.


Price excludes:

Traffic to and from Chengdu on the 1st and last day,

Lunch & dinner (Please ask the guide & driver to take the lunch with you. Otherwise please give RMB30 per lunch to the guide and driver respectively.)

Personal expenses such as drinks, shopping.


* Tips is highly appreciated but not requested.


No national guide service. 


Please Note:

1. Child under the age of 12 may have discount.

2. This tour package can be fully customizable to fit your travel plan.

3. The tour itinerary described above may change or cancel because of force majeure. If because of force majeure or any conditions and/or situation which are not under the control of Shanghai Elite Tours happens (such as the problem of airlines, train, ship, public bus and any other public traffic means, the sudden change of weather, temporary road problem…) and/or accidental situation such as tourists will endanger the personal safety and property safety problem, and/or any other accidental situation which are unforeseen, unavoidable and insurmountable by Shanghai Elite Tours, this tour can not be accomplished as scheduled, Shanghai Elite Tours will not bear the responsibility.

4. The sequence of the activities in the itinerary maybe will be changed according to the situation.

5. In principle, the working hour of the driver and guide (include meal time) is not over 10 hours. (except the service time in the itinerary is listed to be over 10 hours).

The car can only be used according to the itinerary listed in the itinerary.

6. Tourists must bring their passport (for foreign tourist) or Chinese ID card (for local Chinese) in the tour.

7. Tourists should pay attention to the safety during the tour and the during the time when tourists arrange the activities themselves (such as during the meal time, shopping time, rest time, go to toilet and taking bath at hotel and so on…)

8. Shanghai Elite Tours is NOT a medical institution, and can only provide the tour and/or trip and/or conference service (if any). Every tourist should also know the health situation of them own, and tourists should guarantee their health condition can meet the needs of this tour.

9. Guide and/or driver represent Shanghai Elite Tours only when the guide and/or driver serve tourists according to the Itinerary. If tourist asks guide and/or driver to add more service item and this kind of item does not been approved by Travel Service Company in written form, Travel Service Company will not take any responsibility to the added item.

Tour Reservation Procedure:

1. Please view the itinerary and quotation listed in our website.

2. Contact Shanghai Elite Tours to tell us your desired tour itinerary, tour date, tourists name and head count of total tourists, your contact information, such as phone number, Wechat, E-mail address.

3. Please also tell us your name on your passport and indicate which word is your family name, your passport number, birthday and gender. Thanks.

4. After we reserved everything OK, we will confirm to our tourists. Then you can pay to us according to the following way.

5. The guides info, includes guides name and mobile phone number, will be told to tourist one day before the tour at the latest. And the tour guide or our office will contact tourist one day before your tour at the latest, to confirm the exact pickup time based on your preference. We will contact you by phone or E-mail or Wechat or in some other way. Anyway, we will try to confirm these info to you as early as possible. 


If by 6 pm one day before the tour, you still don’t receive the E-mail or a call or a message at your hotel desk or the Wechat message for the tour departure info, please call us at 139 0176 5092. We will aim to resolve any problem immediately. Thank you very much!.


How to Make the Payment:

1) Pay in Cash to us,

We can get to your address to collect the payment from you if your address is in downtown Shanghai.


Or you can also get to our office to pay to us if you are convenient. The address of our office is: 6th Floor, 396 Jinling Road East, Huangpu District, very near to the People Square. The detail map of our office building can be found at:


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For the above bank transfer, please kindly get to the same bank of the above bank account at your side, and choose immediately transferring money. Then the money can be immediately arrive at my bank account. I can get the bank notice at my mobile phone immediately. Thanks.


Or to our company bank account:





Company Account in English:
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Beneficiarys A/C NO.   


Beneficiarys Name:     

Shanghai Elite Tours International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Beneficiarys Address:  

         601 Xujiahui Road, Shanghai, China


5) In Credit Card

You can pay us in credit card. But we will have to add 3% on the total amount which the bank handles as the bank service fee. For instance, if the payment is RMB1000 by cash, if paid in credit card, the total payment is RMB1000/97%=RMB1030.92. 


For the 1st time tourist, we have to ask the torurist to pay to us in credit card face to face. We can also bring the mobile care machine to your address if it is in downtown Shanghai.


For the regular tourist of us, you only need to give us your credit card number and the expiry month of this card. And write the following authorization sentences to us via E-mail or Wechat or Mobile Short Message: 


I authorize Shanghai Elite Tours International Travel Service Co., Ltd. to draw the payment of RMBxxxx (Include bank service fee) from this card of mine.


My credit card information is as follows,

Card number:

Expiry Month:


Then we can draw the money from your credit card in the card machine in our office.


Afterwards we will photo the credit card payment memo, and E-mail or Wechat this memo to you.

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