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      线路名称: Old Charm Meets Future - 1 Day Private Essence Shanghai Tour
      天 数: 1天 
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      最后更新: 2020/2/4 
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      Why we suggest this tour itinerary?

      During the tour, you will taste the feature of Shanghai both “Classic and Modern”, feel the East-meets-West fusion and the air of the "Paris of the East". The Oriental Pearl Tower shows the state-of-art in TV tower design and reflects the progress of modern science and technology. This fourth tallest tower in the world is one of the best places for us to take the panoramic view of Shanghai. Shanghai History Museum will immerse you in the sights of Shanghai throughout history of showing everyday scenes of people living in Shanghai.


      The Bund, with more than 50 individual architectures, is reminiscent of the time when Shanghai was the center of Chinese economy and culture, also the economic center in Asia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 


      Some part of the Old Shanghai Town which is right by the side of former French Concession is still well-preserved, includes: Yuyuan Garden, the best preserved ancient Chinese private official garden in Shanghai, Old City God Temple, the center of public life in ancient time.


      Xintiandi, an area with a state-of-the-art warren of upscale shops, bars and restaurants based on the theme of "where old meets new". Here you find the oddly complimentary combination of the traditional houses of old Shanghai (the Shikumen) hosting ultra modern restaurants, bars and shops. The exterior of these shikumen style houses of 1920s Shanghai have been tastefully restored, whilst inside they have been fully renovated to accommodate the tastes of the modern Westerner. 


      Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:

      Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai History Museum, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Bazaar, Old City God Temple, the heart of the former French Concession – Xintiandi & Old Shikumen Open House Museum in it, the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China (It is closed at 4pm. So It is only optional according to time), Sinan Mansion (Biarritz in Shanghai).


      Experience in the Itinerary:

      * Explore Shanghai’s colonial history, Enjoy the combination of the ancient cultures and modern miracles. Take a walk in the central District to understand how this East-meets-West heritage has given the city a style that is just its own.

      * Standing at the 250m high observation deck to have a birds eye view on the both sides of Huangpu River at the center of Shanghai.

      * Stroll in the back lanes in the heart of old French Concession to enjoy the charming colonial atmosphere in old Shanghai.

      * Walk and enjoy the charm of the Yuyuan Garden and its environs which used to be the center of the public life in Shanghai since hundreds of years.

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      Today is packed: In the morning, your personal driver, and guide will be waiting at your address in time, ready to maximize your time.  


      Your tour in Shanghai will begin with the visit to the 468m high Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong area (East of Huangpu River) which is the icon of Shanghai, ranks the second tallest in Asia and the fourth tallest in the world, only second to Guangzhou TV tower (600 m), Toronto CN Tower (553.3 m) and Moscow Ostankino Tower (533.3 m). You will take the express elevator to arrive at the upper sphere (the middle sphere) which is 250m above the ground. The Shanghai Municipal History Museum located at the ground floor in the tower is also a must for tourists in Shanghai. The museum has six separate galleries which show the evolution of Shanghai in a period of 6,000 years. Then you will get to the West of Huangpu River to take a stroll on the Bund - the waterfront by the side of the river, and with many elegant classical skyscrapers built in the colonial period, it is also the most important showcase of Shanghai, to enjoy the spectacular view here.



      In the afternoon, you will get to the Old Town of Shanghai which is right by the side of the former French Concession and Huangpu River, to visit the Yuyuan Bazaar and charming Yuyuan Garden, one of the best typical Classical Chinese style gardens in China. You will also visit the Old City God Temple here – the most famous city god temple in China and one of the most important religion centers for local Shanghai citizen. 



      Then you can visit the heart of the former French Concession – Xintiandi area. Itis an upmarket, pedestrian only, shopping, eating and entertainment district composed of refurbished or reconstituted traditional early 19th century shikumen ("stone gate") houses, narrow alleys and stone paved courtyards. You could spend some time browsing through book shops, cafes and delis selling French cheese, wines and Mo?t & Chandon, upscale boutiques and restaurants. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor seating. Xintiandi has an active nightlife on weekdays as well as weekends, though romantic settings are more common than loud music and dance places. It is considered one of the first lifestyle centers in China. With the Taiping Lake area right by the side of it, Xintiandi area now is also the most expensive place to live in China, with some apartments costing more than Tokyo, New York and London. It is home to the Chinese elite and top executive expats.



      The small leafy street between the North Block and South Block of Xintiandi is Xingye Road (old name Rue Wantz, Built in 1914, named after the name of the chief engineer of Public Council of the French Concession, Wantz).



      The Shikumen Open House Museum is a museum on the south side of the North Block of Xintiandi on Xingye Road that presents Shanghai life as it was around the 1920s and 30s in a shikumen-style "stone-gate" house. There are about 7 rooms furnished with period furniture. The museum includes a tingzijian, a small triangular room, sometimes rented out at a low price to impoverished writers and others.


      Shikumen, means stone gate. The architectural focus of these houses is a front do

      or framed in sometimes elaborately carved stone. The houses themselves interconnected row houses usually three stories high are made of brick typical to Shanghai in red and gray.


      The style was originally created to house refugees from the Taiping Rebellion (1851-1864) who flooded Shanghai from the nearby provinces. It gained in popularity and remained the preferred style

      until 1980s in Shanghai.




      In the south eastern corner of this block, also on the Xingye Road is the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China which has now been preserved as a museum. It is also located in the historical shikumen buildings in which the 1st National Congress of the Communist Party of China took place on 23 July in 1921. The museum houses exhibits about the history of China and Shanghai and the foundation of the CPC..



      Not far from Xintiandi area is Sinan Road (Old name Rue Massenet) which was built in 1912 and completed in 1914, in the memory of the famous French musician - Massenet (12 May 1842 - 13 Aug 1912) who was a French composer of the Romantic era best known for his operas, of which he wrote more than thirty. The two most frequently staged are Manon (1884) and Werther (1892). He also composed oratorios, ballets, orchestral works, incidental music, piano pieces, songs and other music. Now in 16th arrondissement of Paris (also known as "Arrondissement de Passy"), there is still a same name road.


      Please click Sinan Mansions for more info about it.    





      Further down this quiet picturesque street with pretty buildings and villas on each sides, many elegant detached French style garden villas will appear in front of your eyes. Built in 1920s, this community was designed by French architect and copied from the buildings in Biarritz, a famous beach resort by the side of Atlantic in the south France near Spain


      Sinan Mansions is the only one project in the central Shanghai in order to protect acres of villas. With 51 villas built in 1920s in the heart of the former French Concession, almost all kinds of architectures in morden Shanghai can be found in this area, including detached garden villas, veranda style architectures, townhouses with courtyard, townhouse without courtyard. It was a hub of high society where dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and renowned artists frequented and lived. Shanghai Municipal Investment, the developer, spearheaded a $3.5 billion restoration project to revitalize Shanghai’s former glory. The total area covers around 50,000 s.m. The total construction area is around 80,000 s.m. Many luxurious villas have been renovated and reimagined, converted to upscale hotel - Hotel Massenet. Some other villas were converted to cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries.



      As day draws to an end, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Shanghai.


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      Price includes:

      1. One day private car with parking fee.
      2. One day private English speaking guide.
      3. Entrance ticket to the attractions as listed in the itinerary.

      4. Tour accident insurance. 


      Price excludes:

      Lunch (Please ask the guide to take the lunch with you.)

      * Tips is highly appreciated but not requested.

      Please Note:  

      1. Child under the age of 12 may have discount. 

      2. This tour package can be fully customizable to fit your travel plan. 

      3. The tour itinerary described above may change or cancel because of force majeure. If because of force majeure or any conditions and/or situation which are not under the control of Shanghai Elite Tours happens (such as the problem of airlines, train, ship, public bus and any other public traffic means, the sudden change of weather, temporary road problem…) and/or accidental situation such as tourists will endanger the personal safety and property safety problem, and/or any other accidental situation which are unforeseen, unavoidable and insurmountable by Shanghai Elite Tours, this tour can not be accomplished as scheduled, Shanghai Elite Tours will not bear the responsibility.

      4. The sequence of the activities in the itinerary maybe will be changed according to the situation.

      5. In principle, the working hour of the driver and guide (include meal time) is not over 10 hours. (except the service time in the itinerary is listed to be over 10 hours).  

      The car can only be used according to the itinerary listed in the itinerary.

      6. Tourists must bring their passport (for foreign tourist) or Chinese ID card (for local Chinese) in the tour.

      7. Tourists should pay attention to the safety during the tour and the during the time when tourists arrange the activities themselves (such as during the meal time, shopping time, rest time, go to toilet and taking bath at hotel and so on…).

      8. Shanghai Elite Tours is NOT a medical institution, and can only provide the tour and/or trip and/or conference service (if any). Every tourist should also know the health situation of them own, and tourists should guarantee their health condition can meet the needs of this tour. 

      9. Guide and/or driver represent Shanghai Elite Tours only when the guide and/or driver serve tourists according to the Itinerary. If tourist asks guide and/or driver to add more service item and this kind of item does not been approved by Travel Service Company in written form, Travel Service Company will not take any responsibility to the added item.