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Itinerary Name: 2 Days Shanghai-Mt. Yandang -Shanghai by Bullet Train
Day 1
Shanghai-Mt. Yandang by Bullet Train. Tour in Mt. Yangdang

Take the bullet train from Shanghai to Mt. Yandang in the morning. It only takes around 4 hours to complete the 400-kilometer distance on China’s fastest and comfortable bullet train.


The main scenic spots in the mountain is so called "2 Ling & 1 Long" (2 Spiritual & 1 Dragon), means Ling Feng (Spiritual Peak), Ling Yan (Spiritual Rock), Da Long Qiu (Giant Dragon Waterfall). The Xiang-Ling-Tou Village in Yandang Town is located right in the middle of them with many high ranking hotels and hostels, one road from Xiang-Ling-Tou Village of Yandang Town to Ling Feng (Spiritual Peak), one road from Xiang-Ling-Tou Village to Ling Yan (Spiritual Rock) and Da Long Qiu (Giant Dragon Waterfall), one road links to outside. And between Xiang-Ling-Tou Village and Ling Feng (Spiritual Peak) there is Chaoyang Cave (Facing Sun Cave) Scenic Area. Between Xiang-Ling-Tou Village and Ling Yan (Spiritual Rock) there are Three-Turn Waterfall and Jignming Valley Scenic Spot. But these 3 scenic areas are not the important scene, only few tourists visit them. 


From the railway station, you can take the green bus to Xiang-Ling-Tou Village. (There are many local people ask tourists to take their private car or tri-cycle, we suggest you to ignore them.) You should take the green bus to get to Baixijie Parking Lot at first (2.5km from railway station), then change to another green bus there to get to Xiang-Ling-Tou Village.


There are also bus from Xiang-Ling-Tou Village to Ling Feng (Spiritual Peak), from Xiang-Ling-Tou Village to Ling Yan (Spiritual Rock), and from Xiang-Ling-Tou Village to Da Long Qiu (Giant Dragon Waterfall). The buses depart around every 20 or 30 minutes. It is easy and cheap. 


This afternoon and early night, you will tour in Mt.Yandang to enjoy its splendid scenery.


In Mt. Yandang , the sight of the peaks at night is even more attractive than that in day. When night falls, with a little imagination, one can see many beautiful pictures under the moonlight. So after dinner, you can enjoy the Husband and Wife Peak because it looks like a couple in each others arms only when viewing at night (It is one of the Three Wonders in Mt. Yandang. Another two wonders are the Spiritual Rocks and the Big Dragon Waterfall).

Day 2
Tour in Mt.Yangdang. Bullet Train Back to Shanghai

You can continue your sightseeing in Mt. Yandang by the daytime.


Afterwards, taking the green bus back to the railway station of Mt. Yandang to take the bullet train back to Shanghai. There are trains departing from Mt. Yandang to Shanghai in the late afternoon and early evening.


* If you have any problem to book the hotel or tour in these cities, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much!