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Itinerary Name: 4 Days Guilin Tour to Cruise on Lijiang River, Visit Amazing Rice Terraces Fields, Rural Zhuang and Yao Minority Village, Silver Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Drifting on the Wonderland like Yulong River & so on
Day 1
Arrival and Sightseeing in Guilin
Meal:Do not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Guilin

Your private driver and guide will be ready for you at the airport or railway station when you arrive in Guilin. Sit back in a comfortable, non-smoking car, leave the hassles to your guide, and enjoy a trouble-free transfer to downtown Guilin.

Today in Guilin, you will visit the Elephant Trunk Hill. Standing majestically in central Guilin, this hill is the landmark of the city of Guilin. The hill towers 55m above the Lijiang River, measuring 108m in length and 100m in width. It got its name because it looks like an elephant drinking water. The round opening that would be under the elephant’s trunk is known as Water-Moon Cave because at night the reflection of the moon can be seen through the arch and it looks as if it is under the water and floating on the surface of the water at the same time. Elephant Trunk Hill and Water-Moon Cave are located at the junction of the Taohua River (Peach Blossom River) and the Lijiang River.


At night, you can walk at Zhenyang Pedestrian Street, and stroll along the area of Two Rivers and Four Lakes in downtown Guilin by yourselves.


Day 2
One Day Longsheng Terrace Fields Tour
Meal:Do not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Guilin

Be transferred to Longsheng County for around 110 km/2h30m drive in the morning, you will walk up on the spectacular Dragons Backbone Rice Terraces Fields, which have been carved from the mountains for hundreds of years and widely recognized as the best terrace field scene in China. 


In this Terrace Fields, you will pass some villages, the home to Zhuang and Yao minority people groups, featuring traditional architecture where no nails are used in construction. Their fabrics, language, folk songs, and warmth make a lasting impression.

Coming back to Guilin in the evening, and at night, you can walk in the lake area in downtown Guilin to enjoy the spectacular night view with flood lights - long zigzag bridges, twin high pagodas, very charming gardens ....

Day 3
Guilin to Yangshuo in Lijiang River Cruise & Silver Cave Tour in Yangshuo
Meal:Lunch on the Lijiang River Cruising Ship
Hotel:Overnight in Yangshuo

In the morning, you will be transferred to Zhujiang Wharf which is around 34km/50m to downtown Guilin to take the cruising ship to enjoy the world famous Lijiang River Cruising from Guilin to Yangshuo. Meanwhile, your luggage will be transferred to your hotel in Shangshuo County.


Relax on the famous Lijiang River Cruise to enjoy the wonderland along the River - the spectacular limestone peaks, graceful bamboo groves, crystal clear water and farmers tending rice paddies.


Your destination today is Yangshuo, a small but picturesque town around 70 km to the south of Guilin.


A buffet lunch is served on this four hour cruise (included in the quotation). The ship will arrive at Yangshuo at around 2pm. In Yangshuo, you will drive into the charming countryside, via the "5 KM Picturesque Landscape Corridor" to get to Silver Cave - the most beautiful big karst cave in Guilin area to explore its breathtaking beauty.


You will also enjoy the Moon Rock on the way between the Silver Cave and downtown Yangshuo.


Day 4
Meal:Do not included in the quotation

Wake up naturally in the morning, Today starts as early or late as you desire in this pretty and cozy small town.

In the afternoon, enjoy the Drifting on the fairyland like Yulong River


Afterwards, you will be transferred to Guilin Airport (85km/1h15m) or Guilin Railway Station, say goodbye to your local guide in Guilin and to take flight or train for your next destination.