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Itinerary Name: Mutianyu Great Wall “Overnight Stay" with 4-Star Resort near the Great Wall
Day 1
Beijing downtown to Mutianyu Great Wall. Stay overnight at Mutianyu
Hotel:4-Star Courtyard Resort Mutianyu Great Wall
- 12:00: Meet your tour guide and group members at the meeting point (the east gate of Beijing Swissotel Hotel). You can put your luggage in the bus luggage compartment. Bus departs to the Mutianyu Great Wall (1.5 Hour).
- 13:30: Arrive at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. You may explore the wonderfully restored Mutianyu section of Great Wall for approximately 4 hours. There are cable cars accessible along Mutianyu, making it easy for visitors to travel up and down the Great Wall at their own pace.
- 17:30: Check-in at Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel (4-Star Courtyard Resort). Once you have settled in and taken in the beautiful surroundings, spend your free time as you please appreciating the comfort and peace of the village.


Day 2
Mutianyu Great Wall to Beijing downtown

Spend your free time exploring in the morning. You may ascend the Great Wall early in the morning to admire the thrilling sunrise independently before going back to enjoy your breakfast at your hotel. You can also take a leisurely walk around the Mutianyu Village area.
- 14:00: You will be met by your tour guide in your hotel lobby before being guided to your tour bus.
- 14:30: Tour bus will depart to Beijing downtown from the Mutianyu Great Wall.
- 16:30: Bus arrives at the Meeting Point of Beijing downtown. End of the tour.


Supplementary Info:

Meeting Time and Meeting Point:

Meeting time: 07:40 am

Meeting Point: East Gate of Beijing Swissotel Hotel (Starbucks)

Address in Chinese: 北京港澳中心酒店东门口(星巴克咖啡)


Transportation to the meeting point by Subway:

Take any subway line at your closest station before change to the “Line 2” and get off at station “Dong Si Shi Tiao”(东四十条). Following the signs for exit C, you will find yourself outside the Beijing Swissotel Hotel where our bus parking spot is just 100 meters to the east. Your tour guide with red waistcoat will be waiting for you nearby the Starbucks Coffee. Please show your reservation name and they will direct you to the correct bus.