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Itinerary Name: 5 Hours Tour to Ancient Zhujiajiao Water Town
Day 1
Meal:Not included in the quotation

Tourists will meet tourists in downtown Shanghai to take the subway to the Hongqiao Railway Station to change to Subway Line 17. After around 1 hour ride, tourists will arrive at Zhujiajiao Station. The guide will meet tourists at the Exit 2 at Zhujiajiao Station, then walk for around 15 minutes to arrive at the ancient Town.


Tourists will do sightseeing in Zhujiajiao Town for around 2 hours, walk across Fangsheng Bridge (Setting-fish-free Bridge) and Many ancient bridges, stroll on North Street, pass or visit ancient tea house, ancient soy sauce works and so on.

Our quotation only includes the one day English speaking guide service. Only walking in the ancient town does not need to pay the entrance ticket. But if tourists want to visit the following places in the town, you can pay the entrance ticket additionally by yourselves. You can pay RMB60 per person for the 8 places or RMB30 for 4 places. If you only want to enter one or two places, you can pay RMB10 for one place.


City God Temple, Kezhi Garden, Yuanjing Buddhist Temple, Great Qing Post Office, Quanhua Art Gallery, Shanghai Handicraft Zhujiajiao Exhibition Hall, Zhaxidawa Tibetan Culture Hall, Zhujiajiao Humanistic Museum