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Itinerary Name: One Day Tour to Yanguan Town from Shanghai
Day 1
One Day Tour to Yanguan Town from Shanghai
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Your friendly guide and driver will meet you at your address on time and escort you to Yanguan ancient town which is only 160km/2.5 hours drive to the West of Shanghai.


At first, you will visit the Tide Bore Viewing Park which is located south of Yanguan Town, along Qiantang River with an area of 16.24 hectares. The tidal wave on the 15th day of every lunar month is a marvelous natural phenomenon in the world. In the park, you can enjoy the grand view of the river and the 40 meters high Zhanao Pagoda by the side of Qiantang River which was built in 1612.



Afterwards, you will get to Yanguan ancient township area. Passing the ancient city gate, you will walk on the time-honored Cultural Street of the Ancient Prime Ministers Residence. Incorporates together former houses of famous people, mansion houses, town temples, traditional shops, and revives the ancient scene of south China, this street has rich cultural heritages, such as Folk Custom Museum, Huayajinshe (means Elegant Flower House, now it is the only one Whorehouse Museum in China), Earth Temple, City God Temple, Old Residence of Prime Minister Chen in Qing Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Strolling along, you will be immersed in the atmosphere. You will also visit Sea Hieron Temple at another part of the town. This temple was built in 1730 and this building complex is also called the Forbidden City in South China because of its building standard. 


You will come back and arrive in Shanghai at around 6 pm.


Cultural Street


Whorehouse Museum


Old Residence of Prime Minister Chen in Qing Dynasty


Old Residence of Prime Minister Chen (left) &  City God Temple (right)


Sea Hieron Temple


The Birds Eye View of  Tide Bore Viewing Park

 The Birds Eye View of  Yanguan Town