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Itinerary Name: 2 Days Lake Tai Region Tour (Holy Celestrial World - Linwu Cave, Ancient Luxiang Village & Mt. Qionglong near Suzhou)
Day 1
One Day Tour to Mt. Qionglong in Suzhou from Shanghai
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnignt at ancient Luxiang Village

Your private tour guide and car driver will meet you at your address in Shanghai and you will be transferred to Lake Tai in the west Suzhou region for around 120 km/2hours driving. During your way, you will feel the scenery outside window changing from prosperous metropolis to picturesque lake area. With 2,250 square kilometers and an average depth of 2 meters, Lake Tai is the 2nd-largest freshwater lake in China, 4 times the size of Singapore. Passing 4308m long Lake Tai Bridge, you will reach Linwu Cave in Xishan Island (West Mountain Island) inside Lake Tai.The Cave is the most famous attraction in this region because it is one of the Big Grotto Heavens (Heavenly Abodes) in Taoism. People believe celestial beings would stay in it.         


After one hour’s sightseeing at Linwu Cave, drive around 27km/1h10m, you will arrive at the No.1 ancient village in Lake Tai Region - ancient Luxiang Village which is by the side of Lake Tai in Dongshan Byland (means East Moutain Byland).


Walking along a short canal, passing an ancient pier, tourists will step on the winding and narrow flag stone paths in this village. The history of Luxiang Village can be dated back to Southern Song Dynasty (around 900 years ago). Now there are many Ming and Qing Dynasty houses in the village (600 – 100 years ago). Tourists can visit some attractive ancient compounds and gardens, include Huihe Hall, the home of Mr. Wang Ao – the prime minister in Ming Dynasty around 600 years ago.



One of the highlight in this journey is to stay overnight at a well-preserved private ancient garden – Baojiantang Hall to experience the unique charm of this garden and the village.



Day 2
Luxiang Village-Zijin Nunnery-Mt.Qionglong- Shanghai

After the local style breakfast and enjoy fascinating morning scenery in the garden, you will depart for Zijin Nunnery to enjoy the summit of the ancient sculpture arts in China. This nunnery also lies hidden inside the East Mountain, only around 15 minutes away from Luxiang Village. Normally it is not as crowed as other attractions, so you can enjoy the amazing sculpture arts in peace and quiet.         



Afterwards, you will drive for around 35km/40m to 341.7m high Mt. Qionglong (means Dome Mountain), the highest peak in the east Lake Tai area and Suzhou Region, where it is also the best place to take a birds eye view of Lake Tai. This is one of China’s first official national parks and the only nature reserve in Suzhou. Tourists can easily get up by car to visit Shangzhen Temple, a very large and splendid Taoist temple on top of the mountain and it is said Celestial Beings would also stay in it because of its pretty scenery, the picturesque Emperor Qianlongs Trail, Enjoying Moon Platform and so on in the mountain.          


This Mountain is very famous because it is the place where Sun Tzu wrote the famous "The Art of War" around 2500 years ago. "The Art of War" is a widely influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and Eastern philosophy. Aside from his legacy as the author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu is revered in Chinese and the Culture of Asia as a legendary historical figure. 



In the evening, you will get back to the comfortable air-conditioned van and head back to Shanghai.  From Mt.Qionglong to Shanghai is around 120m/2h10m.   


The Map of Mt. Qionglong