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Itinerary Name: 4 Days Hiking in Wuyuan County (the Most Picturesque Villages Area in China) from Shanghai, Villages to Visit: Qingyuan, Xiaoqi, Guankeng, Lingjiao, Sixi, Likeng
Day 1
Bullet Train from Shanghai to Huangshan City, Transfer to Qingyuan Village in Wuyuan County
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight at Qingyuan Village

Go to the railway Station in Shanghai to take the bullet train from Shanghai to Wuyuan County Town in the morning by yourselves. After around 4 hours, you will arrive in Wuyuan. The local guide and driver will meet you at the Railway Station in Wuyuan County Town and accompany you to Qingyuan Village for around 1 hour car ride. After the leisure excursion in this old village, you can enjoy the local style dishes cooked with the food without any pollution and take rest in the hostel in the village. 


Qingyuan Village: 

Firstly built in Tang Dynasty over 1000 years ago, Qingyuan Village is in the shape of a Twin-body Ship and around 1km long. A little river runs through the village with 16 stone slab brides on it. The roads inside the village are all paved with stone. The old local style residential houses with their own characteristics are charming and attractive for every tourist. Outside of the village, there are 3 arch bridges built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD).


Day 2
Hiking from Qingyuan Village to Xiaoqi Village. Drive to Guankeng Village
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight at Guankeng Village

Today you will begin your hiking from Qingyuan Village to Xiaoqi Village


This hiking path is level or downhill, so it is very easy, not tired. The picturesque scenery around the path, some small old villages and quaint little pavilions on the path make this hiking a enjoyable experience. 


After arriving at the ancient Xiaoqi Village, you will do sightseeing at Xiaoqi Village where your car and driver is waiting for you. 


Then drive to Guankeng Village. Only after short ride, you will arrive at Guankeng Village and overnight the village. Enjoy the charming night at this remote small ancient village. 


Hiking Path between Qingyuan Village to Xiaoqi Village 

The length of the hiking path: around 10km, 

The highest altitude of the path: 410m, 

The lowest altitude of the path: 220m, 

Normally it will take around 4 or 5 hours. (Some guide books say it only needs to take 3 hours. It is only the local peasant’s speed. And tourists will take some more time to enjoy the scenery and take photos. )  


Xiaoqi Village

Xiaoqi Village is firstly built around 1200 years ago and famed as "the No.1 Tea Culture Village in Wuyuan" and "National Level Ecological Demonstration Village". It is located at the intersection of Duanxin River and Xiaoqi River and divided to Upper Village and Lower Village. The buildings in the village were mainly built in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) in the unique local Huizhou style. The lanes in the village are zigzag and winding. The main attractions in the village are Jinshi Residence (Jingshi means former highest grade degree candidate in the royal national civil service examination), Dafu Residence (Dafu means grand master.), Ronglu Residence (Ronglu means grand and glorious.), Jiangs Family Ancestral Temple and some Pavilions and platforms.



Day 3
Hiking from Guankeng Village to Lingjiao Village, Drive to Sixi Village and Likeng Village
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight at Likeng Village

In the morning, do a quick sightseeing in this unsophisticated charming Guankeng Village. Then begin hiking today - from Guankeng Village to Lingjiao Village. It is around 8.5km and only need to take around 3-4 hours. 


Lunch at Lingjiao Village. Then hop on your car for the ancient Sixi Village. It is only around 18km between these two villages.


After the Sightseeing at the ancient Sixi Village, you will take the car again to Likeng Village


Hiking Path between Guankeng Village to Lingjiao Village  

The length of the hiking path: around 8.5km, 

The highest altitude of the path: 690m, 

The lowest altitude of the path: 300m, 

Normally the hiking will take around 3 or 4 hours. 

This is a standard hiking path and all of it was paved with stone slabs. With the peculiar and excellent natural landscape, profound historical and cultural connotations, it is the best preserved part of the ancient Hui-Rao Path (between Huizhou Prefecture and Raozhou Prefecture). Precious trees, charming streams and waterfalls accompany hikers all the way.


Guankeng Village: 

This ancient village was firstly built in 783 AD in the deep mountains near the border to Anhui Province. Now there are many ancient residential houses, temples, bridges in the village. It is not in the main tourist itineraries. So there are no many tourists here. This village still keeps it unsophisticated original charming features. Strolling in the village, tourists will indulge in the dreamy surroundings quite different from the hustle city we stay in. 


Lingjiao Village:

With limpid steam running through and many old dwellings, Lingjiao Village is a typical Huizhou style remote village located in the deep mountains. 



Sixi Village: 

The main ancient buildings in this ancient village were built in Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty (in the 17th century). Now around 30 ancient buildings survive. Among them, the Jingxu Hall Complex is the best one. It is with courtyard, main hall, back hall, flower hall, kitchen and garden. The buildings are with exquisite carvings and fine design. The most famous are the 12 door panels with 96 Longevity Chinese characters which are in the hope of long life.


Day 4
Tour in Likeng Village. Bullet Train back to Shanghai
Meal:Not included in the quotation

In the morning, enjoy the charming buildings and scenery in Likeng Village. Lunch in the village.  


After completing the sightseeing in Likeng Village, get back to your car for Wuyuan County Town, relaxing on the comfortable seat to enjoying the breathtaking scenery outside the window. After around 20 minutes ride, you will arrive at Wuyuan County Town. Lunch there and get to the railway station. Say goodbye to your local guide and take train back to Shanghai.


Likeng Ancient Village in Wuyuan County was originally built by the Li Family Clan, and is 12 km from Wuyuan County Town. It is famous for the Huizhou Style architecture which brings a peaceful and leisure atmosphere to people. The village used to be a prosperous and well-renowned merchant town and cultural hub. Set against the picturesque background of a river and a mountain range and surrounded by mountains and rivers, the Ming and Qing Dynasties architectures are built along the river. The white walls and the deep blue roofs decorated with stone roads and green trees. The arch bridges cross over the banks and are reflected into the river as a circle. All of these form a picturesque scenery.