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Itinerary Name: 2 Full Days Tour to the Centre of Heaven and Earth in China: Luoyang and Dengfeng from Shanghai
Day 1
Overnight Train from Shanghai to Luoyang.
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Sleeper Train
In the evening or night, Board on the overnight Luxurious 1st Class Soft Sleeper train at Shanghai Railway Station (in the downtown Shanghai, Hengfeng Road cross Tianmu Road Middle) by yourselves. The distance between Shanghai and Luoyang City is 1122km. It will take around 10 hours on the way and tourists will arrive at Luoyang in next morning.
Day 2
Tour in Luoyang City, Transfer from Luoyang to Dengfeng
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Dengfeng

You will be met by your local guide and driver at the Luoyang Railway Station. Your sightseeing today will began with the visit to the famous Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum. This museum has 22 restored ancient tombs dating from the Han dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty (202 BC- 1127 AD), including 10 Han Dynasty tombs(202 BC- 220 AD), 2 Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) tombs and 5 Song Dynasty tombs(960-1127 AD). Many colorful murals have been restored and pottery pieces and other relics excavated from the tombs are also on display. 

More about Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum at Wikipedia: 


After Lunch, you will get to the southern suburb of Luoyang city to visit the Longmen Grottos - one of the 3 most famous ancient Grottos in China and it is also the UNESCO World Heritage site. Carving began in the 5th century, Longmen Grottos boasts 1352 caves, more than 100000 statues, 40 pagodas and 3600 tablets with Buddhist inscriptions. The peaceful Yi River meanders its way through the south of the Luoyang City here, cutting across steep cliffs on both sides. Above, thousands of Buddhist statues stand, peering out of the cliff side. It has long been recognized as a cultural, historical, artistic and religious site. As such, it is listed under United Nations World Heritage List. 


More about Longmen Grottos at Wikipedia:  

More about Longmen Grottos at UNESCO official website:


As the day draws to an end, drive to Dengfeng City (sacred place for Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in China) (70 KM/1.5 Hours from Luoyang to Dengfeng)

Day 3
Tour in Dengfeng, Dengfeng -Zhengzhou by Car, Zhengzhou-Shanghai by Overnight Train
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Sleeper Train

You will start your tour in Dengfeng with the visit to Shaolin Temple (the birthplace of Zen Sect of Buddhism and Chinese Martial Art – Kung Fu). The temple was firstly built in 477 AD and the first abbot is Batuo, (also, Fotuo or Bhadra - the Chinese transposition of Buddha), an Indian dhyana master who came to China in AD 464 to spread Buddhist teachings. In 527, an Indian monk, Bodhidarma (known to the Chinese as Da Mo), founded the Mahayana Sect of Buddhism, which is known as Chen (or Zen). He stayed there till his death in 535, and the temple has become the centre of Chinese Buddhism. It is said that Da Mo, seeing monks becoming fat and lazy from long hours sitting in meditation, came up with the idea of walking meditation, which imitated the natural motions of animals and birds. Eventually, the imitation evolved into a form of unarmed combat or martial arts, which is known as Kungfu


In another part of the temple, you can see the unique "Forest of Dagodas" (Pagoda Forest), with its 243 stupas or dagoaas each containing the remains of an abbot from the Shaolin Monastery. They were built of either stone or brick. The first stupa at this site was built in 791 and the last in 1803. They range from seven stories (14.6 metres) to just a metre in height with many different styles. Against the deep and far mountains, this forest looks more like a holy place.  


In the afternoon, you will visit Zhong Yue Temple (ancient Taoist temple for Sacred Central Mountain in China - Mt. Songshan) and Songyang Academy (One of the most famous ancient classical learning Academies in China)  


Zhongyue Temple was the place for the emperor to worship the Zhongyue God (the god of Sacred Mt.Songshan, the central sacred mountain of China). It covers an area of 100, 000 square meters with 11 couryards, which was set up in Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD). It is the earliest base of Taoism in the central China. The current Zhongyue Temple was rebuilt during Emperor Qianlong (1736-1796 AD), Qing Dynasty, followed same design and architect style of Forbidden City in Beijing. It possesses over 400 rooms and 3,000 ancient cypresses. The tablets of Wei and Tang Dynasties and the 4 figures of cast iron of the Song Dynasty preserved here are of great historical value. And the earliest Pagoda in China - Songyue Pagoda is also located here. It is built in AD523, 40m high.  


Songyang Academy, one of the four biggest Academies of Classical Learning in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), gives a complete depiction of Chinese ancient education. There is a 3000-year old cypress tree in the Academys courtyard, which is believed to be the oldest in China. It is a paradise for study because the environment is extremely serene and beautiful.  


After Dinner, drive to Zhengzhou - the capital of Henan Province (76km/1.5 hours), take overnight train from Zhengzhou to Shanghai. (The distance between Zhengzhou and Shanghai is 998KM. It will take around 11-14 hours on the way.). Arrive at Shanghai in the early morning on the next day.

Day 4
Arrive in Shanghai at Noon
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Arrive at the Railway Station in Shanghai.