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Itinerary Name: 9 Days Tour to Puer & Lincang in the South Frontier Yunnan Province - Simao, Ning Er, Lancang, Menglian, Ximeng, Cangyuan & Shuangjiang
Day 1
Arrival at Simao, Puer City
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Puer City

This China tropical frontier tour starts when you meet your professional local guide and driver at Puer Airport and transferred to the Resort inside Puer Sun-River National Park. The rest of the day will be free at your leisure in this picturesque park which is located to the south of Simao District, the capital of Puer city


More detail about Puer Sun-River National Park at its official website:

Day 2
Simao-Ning Er-Simao by Car
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Puer City

the Puer Sun-River National Park. You will stroll in the vast virgin forest, enjoy the Alsophila Costularis - the living fossil which flourished during the Age of Dinosaurs, wonder inside the many kinds of orchid. You can also view the rhinoceros enjoying their life in the grassland, the gibbons jumping on the trees, ailurus walking inside forest, waterbirds wondering in the wetland leisurely, butterflies dancing in the valley, indulge in the folk customs of many ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province.


Lunch inside the Puer Sun-River National Park.


Drive for 45km/50m to Ning Er County to the north of Simao District in Puer city. Visit the Tea Origin Plaza and the Sign of the Origin of the ancient Tea-Horse Route on the Plaza, the Stone Stele bearing the Oath of the Solidarity of the Peoples of China, ancient Nakeli Tea-Horse Route Dak


Ning Er is the origin of the famous ancient Tea-Horse Route which was the "Silk Road" of the southern China for material communication and trade since the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). 


Nakeli Tea House Dak is the best preserved and most important dak on the way of Pu-Erh Prefecture Tea-Horse Road, which is embosomed with mountains. There are two rivers joining up right here. The ancient Nakeli was the hustle and bustle of the Tea-Horse Road. The caravans shuttled back and forth constantly. There stood varies of old inns and horse stables in great numbers. Water flew beneath the bridges.


Day 3
Simao District-Menglang Town-Laodabao Village-Huimin Town by Car
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Huimin Town

Drive west for around 175km/4.5 hours from Simao District to Menglang Town (the capital of Lancang Lahu Autonomous County). Then continue your journey to the south for around 40 minutes to get to the famous ancient Laodabao Village of Lahu Minority. Sightseeing in the village to enjoy the performance and take the local style cuisine. Afterwards you will drive to Huimin Town. Totally from Menglang to Huimin is 48km. 

Day 4
Tour near Huimin Town, Drive to Menglian County by Car
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Menglian County

Tour to the Jingmai-Mangjing Ten-thousand-mu Millenary Ancient Tea Plantation, the most famous and biggest Puer Tea Plantation in the world,


visit the Wenji Village of Bulang Minority. Then drive for around 100km/3.5h to Nayun Town, the capital of Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County via Menglang town.   


On the way, you will visit the Lahu Minority Park.

Day 5
Tour in Menglian, Drive to Mensuo Town (the capital of Ximeng Va Autonomous County) by Car
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Mensuo Town

Sightseeing at Nayun Ancient Town in Menglian County (the only well-protected Dai Minority Town in China). Visit: Menglian Xuanfusi Chieftain House (the best-preserved one of the 18 Chieftain Houses in Yunnan), Up-Town Buddhist Temple, Big Gold Pagoda. Then drive for around 55km/1.5 hours  to Mensuo Town (the capital of Ximeng Va Autonomous County) 


Menglian Xuanfusi Chieftain House 

Also known as Hehan in Dai language (literally means "Golden Palace") played a decisive role in feudal headmen system of Dai minority, Xuanfu Si is a kind of local administrative institution (Chieftain House) in China. With an area of 10248 square kilometers, this chieftain house can be dated back to 660 years ago. According to historical records, there were about 28 headmen of Dai minority ruling there. Menglian Xuanfu Si enjoys many reputations: the only building group combining Dai minority’s architectural style with the Han nationality’s, the best-preserved government office in feudal headman system of Dai.

Day 6
Tour in Ximeng County
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Ximeng County

Today in Ximeng County, you will visit: Dragon Pool, a picturesque lake with around 38 sq. meters, combined with wetland, lotus pond, queer rocks, charming mountains, pretty temples, charming pavilions...,


Holy Longmoye Mountain, a sacred mountain for the local Va people to have their important ritual and ceremony,


Day 7
Ximeng County-Cangyuan County by Car
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Cangyuan County

Drive for 260km/6.5 hours from Ximeng County to Cangyuan Va Autonomous County which is inside Lincang Prefecture. Tour to Guangyunmian Temple in the downtown of Cangyuan Town. It was built in 1828 with the appearance of the Buddhist temple in Han Chinese area, but with the Hinayana Buddhism layout inside which is popular in the Dai Minority area.


Day 8
Tour in Cangyuan County
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:In Cangyuan County

Visit the Yonghe Border Port (opposite to Burma) and enjoy the spectacular cloud sea in this high Va Minority mountains area, enjoy the distance view of Gongming Mountain - the origin of human being in the legend in Va Minority.


Afterwards, You will get to a picturesque valley to visit Caryota Urens Forest, Bankao Village.


Then walking up to a hill to enjoy the ancient Rock Paintings - with around 3000 years history, it boasts the oldest rock painting to be found in China.  


The tour today ends with the visit at Wengding Va Minority Village - the last primitive tribe in China. Surrounded by lush trees, the village consists of around 100 thatched cottages. It was awarded the title of “top 10 Chinas villages in terms of culture industry”. It has preserved the typical features of Va residential architecture, primitive folk customs and ecological cultures.   

Day 9
Cangyuan County-Lincang City by Car, Leave Lingcang by Flight
Meal:Not included in the quotation

In the morning, drive north for around 190km/4 hours to Lincang city (the capital of Lincang Prefecture). On the way, you will pass Shuangjiang Lahu, Va, Blang and Dai Autonomous County and visit a Tea Factory here. Shuangling is famous for its Large-Leaf Tea. With the features of the highest altitude, the largest area, the highest density, the best-preserved original vegetation, the No.1 Wild Tea Populations in the World can be found in this county. 


There is an airport in Lincang city. Now you will complete this exciting once-in-a-lifetime tour in this remote but fascinating frontier territory and be transferred to the Lincang Airport. Say goodbye to you local guide and take the flight for your next destination.