The Join-in Tour means we have a van to meet every tourist at their address in downtown Beijing and become a tour group to tour in Beijing. It is cheap and convenient for the individual tourists.


As the capital of the whole China for more than 700 years and the city's history can be dated back to over 3000 years, Beijing is bestowed with large amount of China’s imperial remnant and other history and modern miracles. Its Great Wall, magnificent palaces, picturesque gardens, old temples, a considerable variety of exhibitions and museums and well protected former residences area show its glorious history and civilization.


Joining our Day Tours to explore and discover the history and secrets of this old but vibrant city, to know the imperial life in the Forbidden City, to marvel at the majestic Great Wall, to experience local life and customs and be amazed by rapidly developing achievement would be an unforgettable experience of you.

  • Duration1 Days Depature dateTue, Thu, Sat. Traffic between citiesCar
    From CNY 550 p/psave-550 712 P paid attention
    Itinerary Features:
        The  Forbidden  City  is  the  best  preserved  imperial  palace  in  China  and  the  largest  ancient  palatial  structure  in  the  world.  The  splendid  architecture  of  the  Forbidden  City  represents  the  essence  and  culmination  of  traditional  Chinese  architectural  accomplishment.  The&n...
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