China, with its thousands of years history and colorful ethnic, cultural, religious, architectural, and spiritual features, maybe is a mystery for many foreign tourists. There are many fantastic sceneries, attractions deserving to be visited, and many activities deserving to be joined in China.       


But how to taste the real China within limited days? How to visit some main famous cites and places with typical Chinese features? For most tourists who are first to be in China, Beijing (the capital of China and with the largest amount of China’s imperial remnant), Shanghai (the most cosmopolitan city, a museum of East-meets-West and a mix of modernity and tradition), Xi'an (the most significant influencing ancient capital in China and one of the most important birthplace of the civilization of China), Guilin (the most beautiful city in China with definitely the perfect representation of the Chinese mountain and water) are the 4 must cities to be visited.    


The following itineraries are carefully designed to help tourists easily enjoy the essence and splendid scenery and culture of China. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have about China Tour.

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