Join-in Tour means we have a van to meet every tourist at their address in downtown Shanghai (inside the Middle Ring) & become a tour group to tour in and around Shanghai. It is cheap and convenient for the individual tourists.
Shanghai is the most modern city with all of Metropolis would have. Meanwhile, large parts in downtown Shanghai still remains its old elegant appearance to show us its unique culture and the prosperous period 100 years ago. As a museum of East-meets-West & a mix of modernity and tradition, Shanghai boasts its charming colonial legacy, ancient Chinese garden and bazaar, amazing skyscrapers. Meanwhile, by the side of the old concession world, tourists still can find many exquisite classic ancient Chinese attractions (such as classic Yuyuan Garden, Confucius Temple…) in the old Shanghai town.


Taking our Day Tours to visit some carefully chosen places in the city, to explore its mysterious history, feel the untamed beauty of its modern skyscrapers, enjoy the combination of the ancient cultures and modern miracles in Shanghai would be an unforgettable experience of you.

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