Shanghai - the most dynamic city in China of much vitality, is a big and exhilarating metropolis that new developments spring up weekly. As a museum of East-meets-West & a mix of modernity and tradition, Large parts in downtown area still remains its old elegant appearance to show us its unique culture and the prosperous period 100 years ago. But it is not the only feature Shanghai presenting. With its long history, classic Chinese gardens, alleys, water towns as well as temples are still nesting between shopping malls and towering architectures.
Fame as "Land of Fish and Rice", the area near Shanghai is one of the most prosperous areas in China. The ancient Suzhou and Hangzhou are even renowned as " Paradise on Earth" and "Silk Capital". The history of many cities in this area can be dated back to 4000 years ago. The area mainly spreads on a low terrain, with some low-lying hills. So this area is an ideal place for sightseeing. For the people who wanna to escape from the over-noising city and long for a vacation that can free oneself in peace, tour to the ancient water towns and villages scattered in this area are the best choice. 

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