Join-in Group Tour means we have a van to meet every tourist at their address in Lhasa, to become a tour group to tour in Tibet. It is cheap and convenient for the individual tourists.

Any single or few travelers on a budget tour to Tibet and want to join in somebody else, Or puzzled by the Tibet Travel Permit application procedure and don’t know how to get through? Here at Shanghai Elite Tours, we have prepared an easy and convenient way for your Tibet tour – Join-in Group Tour in Tibet, which enables you to get the Permit more easily, make new friends and enjoy a better price than a private tour though you have to sacrifice a little bit flexibility while traveling in a group.
We have been operating Tiet tours for over 20 years. Aiming at providing the best service at the most reasonable price, we guarantee that we will present you a worry-free, unforgettable and unique trip once in your lifetime.

  • Duration15 Days Depature datePls check the Price Area below Traffic between citiesVan
    From CNY 12450 p/psave0 353 P paid attention
    Itinerary Features:
          Trip  Overview      Mt  Kailash  Tour  is  designed  for  those  who  are  looking  for  in-deep  exploration  in  main  tourists  attractions  in  Tibet  with  Western  Tibet  Mt.  Kailash  for  about  2  weeks.  Located  in  the  Ngari  Region  of  Tibet,  Mt.  ...
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