We have been in the Tibet Tour Business since 1997. Tourists can either join in our tour groups at the affordable price or customize a Tibet tour to mostly meet your individual needs, interests, and budgets. We sell our ideas and conception rather than common-shared Tibet tours only. When designing, we think MORE of what foreigners really want to see and to know about Tibet and the people living there. When arranging, we help you travel the local way, eat the local way, and sleep the local way, to explore magnificent cultural heritages, rarely-visited legendary landscape in Tibet. You'll get as close to real Tibetan life as possible. You'll have the unsurpassed knowledge of a local guide, taking you out of the guidebooks and into a world you're waiting to discover. No matter if you travel as a family, a couple, alone, or in a group, with regular departure group trips or custom trips to all over Tibet except for the unopened area, Shanghai Elite Tours will always find a suitable and valuable travel deal for you. Start now to plan your Tibet tours with us!
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    Itinerary Features:
          Trip  Overview      Mt  Kailash  Tour  is  designed  for  those  who  are  looking  for  in-deep  exploration  in  main  tourists  attractions  in  Tibet  with  Western  Tibet  Mt.  Kailash  for  about  2  weeks.  Located  in  the  Ngari  Region  of  Tibet,  Mt.  ...
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