Railways are ramified all over China rapidly. Now even the formerly inaccessible remote cities along the Silk Road and in Tibet can be conveniently reached by rail. The highly developed rail network and bullet train technology make Train Tour a fabulous and convenient way for China Tour. If you can understand some Mandarin, you can try to take our well-arranged Train Tour itineraries with the Only-Train-Ticket service listed below. (If you try to book the train ticket at the only official online train ticket booking website,, I am sorry that I have to say it would be kind of complicated for foreign passengers.) The independent train journeys between cities will add more pleasure and memories to your tour exploration. Tourists will not miss the interesting sceneries on the way. And it is also the budget way to tour in China for it can be much cheap.
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        Use  Our  Train  Ticket  Booking  Service  for  the  Suggested  Itinerary:We  suggest  tourists  to  take  the  bullet  train  from  Shanghai  to  Beijing,  and  take  the  overnight  Sleeper  train  from  Beijing  to  Xian  and  from  Xian  to  Shanghai.  In  this  way,  the &nb...
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