Spend a weekend holiday in some picturesque places would be a very pleasant experience for who wanna escaping from the over-noising city and long for a vacation. There could be no better way than several days at weekend to disconnect from everyday life only to focus on the beauty of the scenery and relax. There are many ideal attractions in China can be easily reached from Shanghai and suitable for a nice weekend. Please view the itineraries listed here. All those offer a feasible and affordable tours, add more pleasure and memory for traveler. We are very happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the weekend holiday.
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        Suzhou,  a  cultural  and  historical  city  in  east  China,  is  celebrated  around  the  world  for  its  elegant  gardens.  Laid  out  within  a  limited  area  by  the  house,  a  classical  garden  of  Suzhou  is  a  microcosm  of  the  world  made  of  the  ...
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