The Join-in Tour means we have a van to meet every tourist at their address in downtown Xi'an and become a tour group to tour in Xi'an. It is cheap and convenient for the individual tourists.


Xi'an ranks the first among all ancient capital cities in China. It became the cultural and political centre of China in the 11th century BC with the founding of the Zhou Dynasty. Since then, Xi’an was the capital for 13 dynasties controlling whole or part of China, including several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, such as Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. Xi’an is the home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and along with Luoyang city, Xi'an is also the starting point of the Silk Road in the East. It is the most significant influencing ancient capital in China and one of the most important birthplace of the civilization of China. So far, Xian enjoys equal fame with Athens, Cairo and Rome as one of the four major ancient civilization capitals in the world.


Joining our Day Tours to enjoy the marvel of China Ancient Metallurgical Technology – Copper Carriage for the emperor Qinshihuang around 2300 year ago and the World's No.8 Wonder – Terracotta Warriors, explore and discover the history and secrets of this old but vibrant city would be an unforgettable experience of you.

  • From CNY 500 p/psave-500 1542 P paid attention
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          Tour  Category:  One-Day  Tour  Tour  Duration:  8:00am-17:00pmTour  Depart:  Daily    Tour  Description:Xi’an  is  one  of  the  ancient  capitals  of  China,  and  as  such  has  become  one  of  the  most  visited  historical  centers  of  Asia.  On  this  tour  you  will &...
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