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6 Days Shanghai-Beijing-Xian-Shanghai by Train

6 Days Shanghai-Beijing-Xian-Shanghai by Train
Tour Code: CN-RAIL01
Price from:(per people)
CNY 1342 p/p
6 day
Departure Date:
You Decide!
Main Destination:
Beijing, Xian
 Number of adults:  Number of children:
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Itinerary Features

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We suggest tourists to take the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing, and take the overnight Sleeper train from Beijing to Xian and from Xian to Shanghai. In this way, the tour price would be cheaper than taking flight between cities, and could save the time and cost of the overnight in hotel, although tourists would spend more time on the traffic and the overnight Sleeper train is not as comfortable as in hotel. But the problem is tourists should know some Mandarin. It is because there is no English service at the railway station, and you should speak with the taxi driver to tell them where to go.


For the bullet train, the seats are classified into three classes:

2nd class, 1st class and business class.


The business class is the most expensive, only 3 seats at one row.

The 1st class is with 4 seats at one row. 

The 2nd class is with 5 seats at one row. But in our idea, the 2nd class seat is already comfortable enough. 


For the Sleeper Berth Train:

For economical Hard Berth cabin, there are 6 beds (means on each side of the cabin, there are 3 beds - high, middle and low bed), and there is no door on the cabin. 


For the luxurious Soft Berth Cabin, there are only 4 beds (means on each side of the cabin, there are 2 beds - high and low bed). There is a door on the cabin.


The restroom in the train normally is clean. But after many hours travel, it would be a little dirty.


You can only wash face and hand in the train. There is boiled water for drink in every car and there is also a restaurant car in the train.


Please note: 

On the Berth Train, The train staff will collect your train ticket and change the Berth Ticket to you after the train leaves the station.  Before the train arrives at your destination, the staff will collect the Berth Ticket and give your train ticket back to you. It is the common procedure to take the berth train in China.


Please pay attention at the safety when getting up and down the middle or high berth in the berth cabin. 


For the tour in Beijing, Xian, we suggest you can take our Join-in Pick-up Bus Tour in these cities. This kind of Tour means we have a van to pick up every tourist at their address in downtown of these cities, and become a tour group to tour in or around the city. In this way, it can be cheap and convenient for the individual tourists.


* For more detail about the Join-in Pick-up Bus Tour, 

At computer, please kindly view our website at 

At Mobile Phone, please kindly view our website at 


* For the hotel in these cities, we suggest you can stay at the 3-star or the express business Hotel. Although they are not as luxurious as the high grade hotel, some of them may have no breakfast service or only have the simple breakfast service, they are clean, convenient and comfortable, many of them are located in the downtown.


Why we suggest this tour itinerary?
If it is your first visit to China, there is also the practical concern of language as English is not spoken widely in China. You may want to stick to the touristy cities: Beijing, Xian. 


The three cities offer a nice rounded view of China; a generous mix of the historic and cultural as well as progress and development. Beijing, the capital city, belongs at the top of your cannot miss list. The top attractions in Beijing are, first and foremost, the Great Wall of China and thereafter the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The Temple of Heaven and the surrounding park that make up a medieval complex of religious buildings are located in central Beijing. The temple offers a deep insight into the culture of China. The Summer Palace, situated northwest of Beijing, is thought to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world. Foodies would definitely want to stop by Quanjude Roast Duck, it is one of the famous restaurants in the city. The beginnings of this great country lie in Xian. The very first emperor of united China, was Emperor Qin, which is pronounced chin. Xian is home to temples and pagodas that are over one thousand years old and, last but not least, Emperor Qins famous Terracotta Army and Copper Carriages which was built for 247 - 208 BC.


Beijing, the capital of China, the capital of China, has been the capital of the whole China for more than 700 years and this citys history can be dated back to over 3000 years. Its Great Wall, splendid palaces, beautiful gardens, old temples, a considerable variety of exhibitions and museums and former residences of celebrities show its glorious history and civilization.


Xian ranks first among all ancient capital cities in China. Its time to be the capital is the longest, the quantity of dynasties which made Xian as their capital is the most (13 dynasties placed their capitals here.) in its over 3000 years history. It is the most significant influent ancient capital in China and one of the important birthplaces of the civilization of China. So far, Xian enjoys equal fame with Athens, Cairo and Rome as one of the four major ancient civilization capitals in the world.


Suggested Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:


Qianmen Street, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Hutongs (Lanes in the residence area in the well protected old Beijing zone) in well-protected old Beijing area, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall at Badaling, Ming Tomb. 



Terracotta Warriors and Copper Carriage for the Emperor Qinshihuang (UNESCO World Heritage), Big Wild Goose Pagoda (UNESCO World Heritage) and Dacien Temple (Temple of Great Maternal Grace), the Bell & Drum Tower (out view), old Muslim streets, Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an City Wall