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2 Days Shanghai-Mt. Yandang -Shanghai by Bullet Train

2 Days Shanghai-Mt. Yandang -Shanghai by Bullet Train
Tour Code: CN-RAIL04
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CNY 508 p/p
2 day
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Main Destination:
Mt. Yandang
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Itinerary Features

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We suggest tourists to take the bullet train from Shanghai to Mt. Yandang (or Yandang Shan Mountain), and return. It is convenient and cheap. But the problem is tourists should know some Mandarin. It is because there is no English service at the railway station, and you should speak with the taxi driver to tell them where to go.


For the bullet train, the seats are classified into three classes:

2nd class, 1st class and business class.


The business class is the most expensive, only 3 seats at one row.

The 1st class is with 4 seats at one row.

The 2nd class is with 5 seats at one row. But in our idea, the 2nd class seat is already comfortable enough.


For the tour in Mt. Yandang, you can walk to the attractions you prefer to visit.


* For the hotel in Mt. Yandang

Although there is no high grade hotel at Mt. Yandang, you can choose the home stay or hostel or 3-star hotel at Xiang-Ling-Tou Village which is located right in the middle of the main scenic areas. They are not as luxurious as the high grade hotel, some of them may have no breakfast service or only have the simple breakfast service, But they are clean, convenient and comfortable.


Why we suggest this tour itinerary?

The highly developed rail network makes it a fabulous and convenient way to get around in eastern China by train. This well-connected travel route will give you train ride experience, as well as helping you explore picturesque Mt. Yandang.


Spending a weekend to relax in the picturesque natural mountain and water landscape area is an ideal experience for the person who wanna to escape from the tumult of city. In this itinerary, you will stroll in the valleys in Mt. Yandang to explore and enjoy it stunning scenery. Mt. Yandang is in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. This tour is a relaxing experience because tourists do not need to climb mountain and walk for a long way. Almost all of the scenic spots are by the side of the valleys in the mountain.


Mt. Yandang is famous as "wonderful scenery in China" for a long history, one of the 10 famous mountains in China, and regarded as “the No. 1 Mountain in Southeast China”. This mountain is among the first state-level scenic spots. With a core area of 186 km, the mountain is based on the natural landscapes with high aesthetic and scientific value and has become a spatial complexity that can greatly satiate tourists eagerness of beauty as the integration of natural and historical civilization. Now this mountain is one of the Chinas top ten must-see mountains. Famous for its magnificent peaks, waterfalls and caves, it was announced the World Geopark by UNESCO in 2005.


Yandang Mountain is one of the top ten mountains in China. It is 1,150 meters high. But tourists do not need to climb the mountain, most sightseeing area here are in the valleys. So it is also called the easiest and comfortable sightseeing mountain in China. In Chinese, Yandang means "reed marsh for wild geese". In autumn, wild geese do gather in the marshes around the lake at the top of the mountain. But this area is hard to be reached. Peculiar and excellent natural landscape, universally significant and prominent scientific value as well as profound national mountains-and-waters culture are in perfect harmony in Mt. Yandang. It is a stereoscopic model of Cretaceous revived caldera made by nature and is a natural museum for rhyolitic volcanic rocks. Geologically speaking, it is the natural record of continent marginal magmatism and deep geological evolution process and thus is the most representative ancient caldera of the huge volcanic belt of Asian continental margin in west Pacific. Nature is such a genius to create this wonderful scenery that the beauty of the mountain is beyond description and denies words. In 2005, Yandang Mountain was announced as the World Geologic Park by the Scientific and Cultural Organization of United Nations.


Yandang Mountain is known for its unique characteristic and has been regarded as “the No. 1 Mountain of Southeast China”, "a famous mountain near the sea”. 


Here Tourists will visit Three Wonders: the Spiritual Peaks (also called Husband and Wife Peak), the Spiritual Rocks and the Big Dragon Waterfall.


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