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2-Day Holiday at a 4000 Years Old Village in Shaoxing from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service

2-Day Holiday at a 4000 Years Old Village in Shaoxing from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service
Tour Code: TPH-CN02
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CNY 375 p/p
2 day
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Dayu New Century Resort in Shaoxing
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Itinerary Features

Why we suggest this Traffic+Hotel holiday itinerary?

Enjoying a leisure holiday in a secluded peaceful ancient village with charming sceneries, tranquil surroundings, rich historical and cultural interests and fairy tales would be a nice experience for who wanna to be free from metropolitan stresses and troubles. 


At around 3 km to the east of Shaoxing, an famous ancient city around 196 km to the south of Shanghai, the 5-star Dayu New Century Resort is located at the foot of Guiji Mountain of Shaoxing, overlooking Yulingjiang River. Nearby attractions include the Yu Mausoleum Temple and Guiji Mountain Tourism Area. Its not far to Shens Garden (a 900 years old garden, related to a romantic story of the famous poet, Mr, Lu You), the Former Residence of Luxun (one of the most famous modern writer in China) and golf court.


This village was set up by the 6th generation of Yu the Great for the Yus family members who stayed here as the guardian of the Yu Mausoleum. (Yu the Great or Da Yu, 2200 – 2100 BC, was the general leader of the tribes in whole China around 4100 years ago. He was also the hero who controlled the national wide terrible flood. He visited Shaoxing twice in investigations for the flood control and was finally buried here. His son set up the first dynasty in China - Xia dynasty.). At that time, the emperor of whole China, also the 6th generation of Yu the Great, even specially established a kingdom, named Yue, in the current middle and north part of Zhejiang Province, to be in charge of the offering sacrifice to Yu the Great and guarding the temple. From 4000 years ago to now, there are over 140 generations of Yus family staying here. Now, they have moved to the apartments near here, and this village was converted to an international standard 5-star hotel by Kaiyuan Group. 


Opened in 2011, this ancient village resort offers 99 rooms and suites. Being converted from a 4000 years old typical ancient Southern China water village, the layout and the appearance of the hotel are still the same as its before. The simple waterfront houses with whitewashed wall and black tile roofs stand by the side charming watercourses or flagstone streets. Archways and pavilions in the village which highlighted the beauty appeal to every people. You also have the chance to taste the authentic Shaoxing dishes in the small restaurants in the village. All rooms are furnished in the style of the Chinese Wu Culture and guarantee a unique stay. (Originated around 3200 years ago, Wu Culture has been the dominant culture popular in the Yangtze River Delta area.) Profited from modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this hotel is the true luxurious international standard 5-star hotel, but full of ancient Chinese features in the tranquil and picturesque area. 


Transportation to the Hotel:

- 200 km (3 hours drive or 1.5 hours bullet train) to Shanghai; 

- 57 km (1 hour drive) to Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province;

- 3 km to Shaoxing city;

- 22 KM (40-min drive) to Shaoxing North Railway Station (the station for the bullet train); 

- 13.7 KM (25 to 30-min drive) to Shaoxing Passenger Station; 

- 52.7 KM (1 to 1.5-hour drive) to Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou; 

- 1.1 KM (15-min walk) to Guiji Moutain Tourism Area; 

- 2.4 KM (5-min drive) to sports center;

- 3 KM (10-min drive) to golf court; 

- 600 m to King Yu Mausoleum Temple; 

- 4.5 KM (10 to 15-min drive) to Shens Garden; 

- 5 KM (10 to 15-min drive) to the Hometown of Luxun;

- 13.9 KM (25 to 30-min drive) to Lanting Scenic Area;

- 17.6 KM (35-min drive) to Keyan Scenic Area 


Shaoxing, although not as famous to foreign tourists as other ancient cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou, it is one of the oldest cities and most important political centers in the south of Yangtze River and one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Because of the good protection of the environment, Shaoxing has got UN’s award of the World’s Best Living Place. It is renowned as the city of water, bridges, old wines and calligraphy - the blend of natural landscape, ancient city view and splendid charming culture with the local feature. As a traditional tourist destination, Shaoxing emphasizes the maintaince and construction of travel infrastructure. The typical attractions are represented by Dayu Mausoleum (The leader of the tribes union who dominate whole China around 4000 years ago), Former Residence of Lu Xun (One of the best authors in modern China and he is even one of the name cards of Chinese literature.) and the well protect ancient Shaoxing City, Lanting (Orchid Pavilion), the sacred place for Chinese calligraphy. Tourists can enjoy the typical water town scenes and attractive local culture here, Because Shaoxing is absent from the main foreign tourist trails although it is very nice in all respects. the scenic areas in Shaoxing are not very crowded as other places in China. You’ll see odd foreign tourist groups there. They are the ideal places for the people wane to escape from the busy metropolis.