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2-Day Holiday at Ancient Luxiang Village by the side of Lake Taihu near Suzhou from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service

2-Day Holiday at Ancient Luxiang Village by the side of Lake Taihu near Suzhou from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service
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2 day
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Baojiantang Hall (Garden) at Luxiang Village in Suzhou
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Itinerary Features

Why we suggest this Traffic+Hotel holiday itinerary?

Having a leisure holiday in a secluded lakeside tranquil ancient village with traditional slow pace lifestyles and soft water rhythm would be a nice experience for who wanna to be free from metropolitan stresses and troubles.


In the south of the Yangtze River Delta near Shanghai, there are many secluded and peaceful ancient water towns and village. Among them, the 900 years old Luxiang Village on the outskirts of Suzhou is not the most famous one, but is a very special one. Unlike other water villages, there is no watercourse in the middle of the village. But it is located at the westernmost tip of Dongshan Peninsula (Dongshan means East Mountain), right by the side of giant Lake Tai (or Taihu Lake, the 2nd biggest fresh water lake in China, 4 times the size of Singapore) and Dongshan Mountain. There are around 30 ancient compounds built in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911 AD) in this village. When the local people opened the ancient riverine town to visitors, they were determined to avoid the tacky mix of tourist restaurants and souvenir shops that has swamped most of other water towns. Luxiang has been preserved rather than restored, lovingly kept rather than tarted up, and its ancient ways of life maintained. Most of all, Luxiang is still a living town, where daily life goes on seemingly unimpeded by a growing trickle of visitors.


At the deepest end of Luxiang Village, next to a very large orange forest at the foot of the Dongshan Mountain (East Mountain), there is the cream of the village - Baojiantang Hall (ancient classical Suzhou style garden).


Firstly built around 800 years ago, Baojiantang Hall (Garden) is a 6000 square meters large private garden with residence houses. Once the residence of Mr. Ye Mengde, the prime minister of Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 AD). But before it was bought and renovated in 2001 by Mr. Xu Qin-guan and Mrs. Lu Hui-xia, a couple of Suzhou citizen, it was nearly clasped. This old couple bought this garden in order to live after they retired. But they can not anticipate that although they only bought this garden at RMB100,000, they have used around RMB30,000,000 to renovate it - they even run themselves into debt of around RMB10,000,000. From 2001-2008, they used up all of their savings of whole life and the husband has to continue to work after retied. And this garden now is opened to the outside as a resort and tourist attraction. In order to keep its original feature and restore it to the original charm, Mr. Xu and Mrs Lu consulted many ancient building and garden experts and Chinese World Heritage team, renovated this garden and houses very carefully. They collected many old inscribed boards, couplets and steles. The calligraphy and painting works places in the gardens are all made by celebrities, many furniture in this garden are the real antique. They even moved two real ancient buildings from Shanghai and Suzhou into this garden. Now there are 7 standard rooms and 7 suites in the garden. One night stay in the garden is the best way to taste the unique charm of this garden in this remote small village. When the night drew on, this garden would be full of poetry and romance atmosphere, walking under the red lanterns, tasting a cup of local Biluochun Tea (Biluochun means green coiled spring, one of the 10 most famous green teas  in China) inside the Viewing Mountain Pavilion, smelling the unique air from lake and mountain, counting the stars on heaven...  It is be surely an unforgettable experience in China.


Transportation to Luxiang Village:

- 130 km (3 hours drive) to Shanghai;

- 55 km (1 hour 10 minutes) to Suzhou Railway Station.


Suggested Tour Attractions You could Visit in and near Luxiang Village:

Ancient Luxiang Village in the Dongshan (East Mountain) Peninsula in Lake Tai (or Taihu Lake the 2nd biggest fresh water lake in China, 4 times the size of Singapore):

Huihe Hall (The Residence of Mr. Wang Ao – the prime minister in Ming Dynasty around 600 years ago), Baojiantang Hall, Huaide Hall, Suigao Hall, Cuihe Hall, Hangu Temple.


Zijin (Purple Gold) Nunnery in the Dongshan Peninsula:

Painted Sculptures


Linwu Cave in the Xishan (West Mountain) Island (but if only stayed one night at Luxiang Village, maybe there would be no time to visit this cave.)


You can find the situation of ancient Luxiang Village at this map,