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2 Days to Nanjing from Shanghai

2 Days to Nanjing from Shanghai
Tour Code: CN-CPT9
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2 day
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Itinerary Features

Why we suggest this tour itinerary?

In this Itinerary, tourists will visit Nanjing, a city around 300km to the northwest of Shanghai, situated in the heartland of lower Yangtze River region, which has long been a major centre of culture, education, research, politics, economy, transport networks and tourism in the south of China. Now it is the capital of Jiangsu province. Nanjing has served as the capital of various Chinese dynasties, kingdoms and republican governments dating from 229 AD (for the state of Eastern Wu) to 1949 (for Republic of China). In history, Nanjing has protected Han Chinese Race and Culture for many times. When the northern and central China were occupied and destroyed by nomadic peoples, Han Chinese was in the catastrophes, Han Chinese always chose Nanjing as the capital and the renaissance base, because nomadic people are quite unfit the water terrain and hot atmosphere in this region.


Originally there are traditionally 4 historical capitals of China, collectively referred to as the "Four Great Ancient Capitals of China". The four are Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang and Xian (Changan) which were the capital of the whole China at various periods. In a sense, they represent the peak of the achievement of ancient Chinese culture.


Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:


Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Mingxiao Mausoleum (UNESCO World Heritage), Old President Office (used before 1949, during the Republic of China era), the Zhonghua Gate, Changganli Old Nanjing Area, Confucius Temple area include Qinghuai River, Jiangnan Imperior Test Museum.


Experience in the Itinerary:

* Visit the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder and the 1st president of the Republic of China.

* Walk in the Old President Office used during the Republic of China era.

* Enjoy the famous charming night view of Qinhuai River, the mother river of Nanjing.