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One Day Tour to Ancient Jinxi Town & Luzhi Town from Shanghai

One Day Tour to Ancient Jinxi Town & Luzhi Town from Shanghai
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1 day
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Jinxi Town & Luzhi Town
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Itinerary Features

Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:

Jinxi Town (Chinas Town of Folk Museums):

Jinxi Lotus Corridor, Wenchang Cabinet, Lotus Pool Temple, Tangshengyuyuan Taoist Temple, Water Tomb of Royal Concubine Chen, Central Plain Art Museum, Ancient Tile and Brick Museum, The Root Carving Museum and Wonder Stone Museum, the Antiques Museum, the Red Porcelain Museum, Metal and Stone Home (Museum to exhibit stone carving, painting and seals), Great Culture Revolution Collection Museum, Jinxi Celebrities Hall, Zhangsheng Art Gallery, Persimmon Garden.


Luzhi Town:

Baoshen Temple with the famous 9 Clay Wall-Sculptures of Arhats (the master pieces represent the highest achievements of the ancient sculptures arts in China), The Tomb of Tang Dynasty Poet Lu Guimong with Fare Breeze Pavilion and two of his hand planted ginkgo trees, Wansheng Rice Shop, Ye Shengtao’s Memorial Hall (Ye Shengtao is one of the most famous writer and educator in modern China), Wang Tao’s Memorial Hall (Wang Tao is a famous thinker around 100 years ago), Family Shao’s House, Family Shen’s House (Water Town Cloth Museum), Water Town Farm Implements Museum, Cultural Park of the Southern Yangtze River...


Experience in the Itinerary:

* Visit many small but very interesting local museums in Jinxi Town to know more about the unique culture and customs of water towns in the south Yangtze River area.

* Strolling on the flagstone streets in the ancient town to feel the frozen history in tranquil and serene.

* Indulging yourself in the picturesque scenery of the bridges and rivers with green trees, ancient simple but graceful buildings. Appreciate the peaceful atmosphere there and feel the magic power of water.


Why we suggest this tour itinerary?

Having a tour to ancient town and village in China would be a very special experience for who wanna escaping from the over-noising city and long for a vacation that can free oneself in peace. China Ancient Town Tour here selects well-arranged tour package to two of the most famous water towns, Jinxi and Luzhi, aims to provide you with the opportunity to explore the town, which well keep their unique customs and culture, to appreciate its peaceful atmosphere and feel the magic power of water.

Located on the cultivated land with rich water resources, with five lakes surrounding and over 30 ancient bridges crossing the towns waterways, the ancient town of Jinxi (which means Brocade Brook, also called "Chinas Town of Folk Museums") is only around 65 km / 1.5 hours drive to the west of Shanghai. There are many places of historic interests and scenic views in it due to its rich historical and cultural heritage.


Jinxi fascinated the imperial family and aristocracy in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and poets in the Ming Dynasty (1836-1644) extolled the "Eight Sceneries" of the town which are apparent even today when one takes a walk around the old bridges, lakes, quiet lanes, temples and gardens. The most famous attractions are: Jinxi Lotus Corridor, Wenchang Cabinet, Lotus Pool Temple, Water Tomb of Royal Concubine Chen and the Ancient Tile and Brick Museum.


The local government has established museums highlighting the towns cultural and historic heritage, and now it is known as "Chinas Town of Folk Museums". For instance: The Root Carving Museum and Wonder Stone Museum, Chinese Ancient Bricks and Tiles Museum, the Antiques Museum, the Red Porcelain Museum, Zhangsheng Art Gallery.


In addition, the Persimmon Garden which is the former residence of Mr. Lu Shulun, a famous Painter and chess champion, now is an art gallery that also exhibits calligraphy, and Lotus Pool Temple and Wenchang Pavilion - a well preserved historical site – are also the highlights.


More info about Jinxi Town at its official website:  

Luzhi, another famous ancient water town which is 1.04 large and only 14km to the north of Jinxi, and around 75km / 1h15m drive to the west of Shanghai, is not only famous for abundant water, bridges, lanes, historic houses, and celebrities, but also well-known for its 9 Clay Wall-Sculptures of Arhats and the clothing of women in the water town. 

Luzhi, generally viewed as the peer of the ancient Suzhou City, is rare for its distinct history of 2,500 years in the entire southern Yangtze River. It was originated in the Spring and Autumn Annals, stretched during the Han Dynasty, flourished in the Wei and Jin Dynasty (229-581 AD), and bloomed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911 AD). Luzhi accumulated water to form the town, where the water was silhouetted against bridges, 41 of which are still reserved along the river way of 5.6 kilometers. The size, form, and various styles of the bridges have been developed as "the town of water and the center of bridges", and thus called as "the museum of ancient Chinese bridges" by the famous bridge expert, Yisheng Mao. The ancient town consists of 10 main streets, 69 ancient lanes, and a large number of well-preserved houses and buildings built in Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911 AD). Among those houses, the wealthy merchants’ mansions such as Family Xiao’s House, Family Shen’s House, demonstrate delicate building styles and elaborate carvings

More about Luzhi Town at its official website:


You can find the situation of the famous ancient Water Towns near Shanghai in Yangtze River Delta at this map,

6 Most Famous Water Towns:
Wuzhen, Nanxun, Xitang, Tongli, Luzhi, Zhouzhuang


Some other Water Towns in this area:

Zhujiajiao, Jinxi, Mudu, Luxiang, Huishan. 


In 2003,the protecting project of the Yangtze River Water Towns (including Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Luzhi, Nanxun, Wuzhen and Xitang) was granted the Award of Distinction by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation. It has helped make the project a model for repairing and conserving other cultural relics. By car, you can easily take one day tour to any one of these towns from Shanghai.


These small towns, with their black tiled, oil-painted timber framework houses, that contrast sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, brings to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting. The rivers running through the town were once the main means of transportation for local people, but these days is little used, other than for festive celebrations, when bulk cargo is shipped in. The window sills of the houses on the banks of the river are further extended with boards, on which flowers, plants and bonsai bloom in the warm sunshine, adding a touch of life and color to this tranquil, old style towns.


There are many well-preserved Ming (1368-1644 AD) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) buildings in these towns, formerly the homes of those rich enough to escape the social turbulence of centuries past. They chose these towns as the place to build their homes for its out-of-the-way location and convenient transportation, the same reasons these towns retains such an authentic feeling today.


Go to Water Towns around Shanghai, looking for peace in your heart...