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One Day Tour to Wuxi City from Shanghai

One Day Tour to Wuxi City from Shanghai
Tour Code: SHA-SHA19
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CNY 430 p/p
1 day
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Itinerary Features
Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:
Wuxi City:
Turtle-head Peninsula Park by the Taihu Lake (or Lake Tai, the 2nd largest fresh water lake in China) (Include tour to some islands in the lake), Ancient Nanchang Street and its environs by the side of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, include the famous Qingming Bridge built in 1666. 


Experience in the Itinerary:
* Indulge in the picturesque ancient Nanchang Street by the side of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal - the oldest and longest canal in the world.
* Appreciate the stunning scenery at Turtle-head Peninsula Park, the best place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Taihu Lake (the 2nd biggest freshwater lake in China) and visit some islands in the lake.


Why we suggest this tour itinerary?
To feel the magic power of water and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere in the charms of Lake Tai (the 2nd biggest fresh water lake in China, 4 times the size of Singapore) and the ancient water town area in Wuxi city would be a very pleasant experience.


Located around 128 kilometers from Shanghai and by the side of Taihu Lake, Wuxi is a famous historic and cultural city with a history of over 3000 years, where the Wu Culture and the South Yangtze River Culture were cultivated. As early as 3000 years ago (end of 11th century BC), Taibo, the eldest son of the Emperor Zhouwu in the northern China, came here from Shaanxi together with his younger brother Zhongyong and set up the State of Gouwu here. Taibo pormoted the combination of the central and southern Chinese culture and created the Wu Culture. In 202 BC, Wuxi County was formally established. The name of Wuxi, literarily meaning "no tin" , was given due to the extinguishing resource of tin of the Tin Hill (Mt. Xi Shan). It is also hailed as "the pearl on the Taihu Lake".  Wuxi takes over the most beautiful corner of the Taihu Lake and on the shore of the Lake scatter famous parks such as Turtle-head Peninsula Park. In Wuxi, tourists can stroll on the ancient Nanchang Street and its environs which is right by the side of ancient Great Canal - the oldest and longest Canal in the world, enjoy the picturesque scenery and explore the fascinating features of the south Yangtze River water town.


More about Turtle-head Peninsula Park at its official website: