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One Day Tour to Yanguan Town from Shanghai

One Day Tour to Yanguan Town from Shanghai
Tour Code: SHA-SHA21
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CNY 394 p/p
1 day
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Main Destination:
Yanguan Town
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Itinerary Features

Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:
Yanguan ancient town:
By the side of Qiantang River:
Tide Bore Viewing Park with the out view of Zhanao Pagoda which is 40m high and built in 1612,
Township area:
City Wall Gate (Xuande Gate), Cultural Street of the ancient Prime Ministers Residence, Folk Custom Museum, Huayajinshe (means Elegant Flower House, now it is the only one Whorehouse Museum in China), Earth Temple, City God Temple, Old Residence of Prime Minister Chen in Qing Dynasty, Sea Hieron Temple.


Experience in the Itinerary: 

* Walk by the side of Qiantang River to enjoy the spectacular water view.
* Stroll in the Culture Street inside the ancient city wall area to visit many ancient building compounds and scenes, immersed in the atmosphere of southern China water area.


Why we suggest this tour itinerary?

Located around 160km/2.5 hours drive to the West of Shanghai, Yanguan is an ancient town which is integrated with natural spectacle and humanistic resources and famed for the best place to enjoy the world-famous Qiantang River Tidal Bore and many pretty precious ancient buildings at its township area. It stands out as the “Most Attractive Place in China” by APTA in 2006 and is the ideal place for people who wanna to enjoy the imposing grand river view and the small but charming ancient town scenery within one day.


Created by the special trumpet-shaped mouth of the Qiantang River at Hangzhou Bay, combined with the gravitation of the celestial bodies and the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the earth, the world-famous Qiantang River Tidal Bore, or the Haining Tide, is a marvelous natural phenomenon in the world and well-known for its turbulent and breathtaking scene. The Tidal Bore rises to a height of as much as 9 meters (30 ft) , traveling at up to 40 kilometers (25 mi) per hour, is a spectacular natural wonder that is probably without parallel in the world. Smaller tidal bores also occur on Englands Severn River, the Seine in France, the Amazon in South America and other river mouths, but none of them can rival Qiantangs in magnitude.


It is a tradition for people living around the Qiantang River to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (on the 15th August in lunar calendar) by eating moon-cakes and enjoying the sight of the tide. Yanguan Town in Haining city area is traditionally deemed as the best place to watch the marvel, since it offers the best view of the tide water rapidly rising and surging. Now the best place to enjoy the Tidal Bore is the Tide Bore Viewing Park which is located south of Yanguan Town, with an area of 16.24 hectares.


If Qiantang River Tidal Bore could be compared to a fearless, all-conquering hero who allows nothing to stand in his way, then tranquil and serene Yanguan ancient town just on the north of the river may be seen as a gentle and graceful young maiden. It has 5 national key cultural heritage reserves, like Old Residence of Prime Minister Chen in Feudal China which holds the birth secret of Qianlong Emperor (1711-1799 AD), Sea Hieron Temple. Walking on the time-honored Cultural Street in the middle of the town, you may feel like walking through thousands of years, with your eyes filled with wonderful scenes.