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雁 荡 山 琼 台 仙 谷 3 日 游

雁 荡 山 琼 台 仙 谷 3 日 游
Tour Code: SHA-HNS04
Price from:(per people)
CNY 100 p/p
3 day
Departure Date:
You Decide !
Main Destination:
Mt. Yandang Tiantai County
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Itinerary Features

Why we suggest this tour itinerary?
Spending several days holiday to relax in the picturesque natural mountain and water landscape area is an ideal experience for the person who wanna to escape from the tumult of the city. In this itinerary, tourists will walk in Mt. Yandang in Yongjia County and step into the graceful valley along the Spiritual Stream in Celestial Being Valley by the side of Wonderland Platform in Tiantai County to enjoy the fabulous scenery. Mt. Yandang is in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. You do not need to climb the mountain at Mt. Yandang, almost all of the scenic spots are by the side of the valleys in the mountain. 


Mt. Yandang is famous as "wonderful scenery in China" for a long history, one of the 10 famous mountains in China, and regarded as “the No. 1 Mountain in the Southeast China”. This mountain is among the first state-level scenic spots. With a core area of 186 km2, the mountain is based on the natural landscapes with high aesthetic and scientific value and has become a spatial complexity that can greatly satiate tourists eagerness of beauty as the integration of natural and historical civilization. Now this mountain is one of the Chinas top ten must-see mountains. Famous for its magnificent peaks, waterfalls and caves, it was named a World Geopark by UNESCO in 2005. 


Celestial Being Valley by Side of Wonderland Platform covers an area of 73 km2. It is a granite geological and geomorphic landscape. The Spiritual Stream is the main landscape in the mountain. Walking along the stream, endless enchanting scenery unfolds before tourists: towering sheer cliff stands on both sides, magnificent peaks lie side by side, grotesque rocks scatter everywhere. Reflections of the sights in the limpid water feast tourists eyes anywhere here. 


Main Tourist Attractions in the Itinerary:

Yongjia County: Mt. Yandang, 

Tiantai County: Celestial Being Valley by side of Wonderland Platform  


Experience in the Itinerary:  

* Walking in the enchanting valleys in Mt. Yandang - one of the top ten mountains in China, also the UNESCO World Geologic Park to enjoy the captivating beauty of the mountain, grand waterfalls, sluggish streams, grotesque rocks, ancient caves, verdant and lush trees... 

* Stepping into the picturesque Spiritual Stream to enjoy the endless amazing scenery unfolding before tourists.